Hmm... I'm not sure this is my forte. ^_^;; But it's sure easier than traditional fics. And it was interesting. *likes to experiment*

by Leto


You know
I don't think I can do this
on my own any more
it feels stupid
it sounds stupid
yet it's a fact
you and me

I know it is stupid, but...
we've been together for so long, and-
it just feels like...
we really are a team
not just Team Rocket,
but Jessie and James
you and me

And we'll always be a team, but...
what if something goes wrong?
You won't let me think that...
so I think you're scared too
because how can one of us
be without the other?
We're a team
you and me

Don't trust anyone
our training said that
and so does common sense!
and our experience in life
says we should not be close
our conflicting backgrounds
yet we're still close
you and me

I get scared sometimes
and you're the one who's always strong
it should be the other way around,
shouldn't it?
I should be strong for us
but I can't be
I know that you will be
even if you don't want to
I'll just be weak
and you my partner
yet not weakened by me
strengthed even, by each other
you and me

I think nobody else understands
yet I can sense
that there's something here
beyond cheesy romance movies
or friendship
or an insincere alliance...

We're a team
you and me


I get scared a lot
everything that happens...
you wouldn't guess it
from looking at me

Cute little thing
that's me, and...
I still don't quite get
how they see me

Ultra strong
that's what they call me...
yet I don't feel it
I just want to run and hide

When they come
I never know what will happen...
another entrapment
just like the first time

Or will it be worse
I'm so small...
I can defend myself
but there's a real limit

The only thing
that keeps me strong...
is the fact that
my master is

And when he's not
I feel as if I'll never win again...
which is why
we have to stay as a team

When they try to steal me
it's like I lose my strength...
because he's gone
and I am on my own

That's why we're so angry
whenever that trio show up...
not just because they're theives
but because they try to break us

Alone, I was just defensive
the world was way too big...
but now I feel
I could conquer anything

Provided he's working with me
every step of the way


You don't really understand,
I'd wager
We're just the bad guys
We make life hard for everyone
But nobody cares
That everyone makes life hard for us

The world's no easy place
Especially for someone who...
Doesn't quite fit in
Do you understand that
Even bad guys have their dreams?
They just can't show them

Well, except to him
And that's because he's just like me
Even if we're so different!

Keep at it, each day
Always the same, so much failure
It hurts, no matter how often
It always hurts, even more...
And nobody can sympathise
"You bring it on yourselves!"
But, what else can we try...?

Bad guys have bad luck
Except, can't we win some time?
That's the lesson you're taught:
"Perservere, and you will reach your goals."
I will, I will
We have to win some time, right?

Don't worry about that!
We will, for sure...
After all, we're the champions!

Champions of what?
Don't ask questions like that!
What we're doing is very worthwhile!
I suppose...
Well, what else is there?
Can you answer that?
I thought not...

There's nothing else I can do
Who wants a loser?
And who am I kidding...
That's what I am...
Always have been, always will be
Because I'm mean
Selfish, vain... huh, I know it
So it stands to reason

Who on earth would want someone like me?


I was always a reject
So I went along with it
Kicked against the flow
No make up or fancy outfits
No shopping sprees or boyfriend chasing
No showing off
And certainly no flirting!

I was a tomboy
The one who would be swimming
And playing football
Training hard
Shorts and a t-shirt
Friends with the guys,
But no more

Yet, there is something in me
Something very strong
That is still feminine
A heartbeat, a hope...
I think it's the case for everyone
And it annoys me;
It makes me feel like I need someone

Huh! I don't need anyone
Least of all some dumb boy
They're all just jerks
Yet everywhere I look
I see people who are happy
My parents
My sisters and their boyfriends
Of course, they'd have boyfriends...

Do I need to change?
Is it a problem with me?
Nobody likes me, and I guess...
I guess I encouraged it
But can't they tell
I secretly want love too?
Can't a young person love?
Even one who doesn't wear make up?

I keep an eye open
Maybe on this journey, things could change?
But we just meet females
Good news for Brock, but...
All the guys are adults
Or too wrong for me
And I haven't found anyone
Who I think might like me
As me

I know what I'm doing
I'm on this journey to compete
With my sisters, but also...
To compete with how I was
Can I change? Should I?
Do only beautiful girls get the breaks?
Not a scrawny tomboy...
Luck is kind of mean

So what's wrong with me?
And why on earth
Does my mind wander,
Whenever another day has passed
Without finding someone....
Why does it wander
To the person travelling with me?
I shouldn't think like this
I'm sure he doesn't give me a thought

And he's such a jerk!
Why would I like someone like him?
Idiot, idiot, not the type
Who I'm even friends with
Let alone interested in!
Certainly not who my sisters would consider!

He's there.


Grr, I'm angry
Big deal, nothin' new
Lots ta get mad at
Da word is kinda appropriate...
Catty, catty, catty

Am I a cat?
Or a human?
Or neither?
Or both?

Nobody seems ta take any interest
My fellow species hate me
I don't live in da world of Pokemon
Is that a bad thing?

Do I want to?
Go back to dat?
In fear of being captured
No respect
Fightin' ta stay alive
Eatin' unmentionable stuff
Bein' picked on

Da world of humans ain't great
Especially where I fit in
Which is, nowhere
But humans control our kind
So I'd rather be a person
Who wants to be controlled?
I'm gonna kick back

Some treat me like a person...
But they still call me by my species
Meowth, Meowth, Meowth
I need a name
So I can forget
Can't really forget, but
Can't I try?
"Be anythin' you wanna be"
And all that...

My trainers chucked me out
My girl rejected me
Da boss ditched me
Dat was 'cos I was a Pokemon
But not a good one
What's da point of bein'
A Pokemon dat can't win?

For dat matter...
What's da point of bein'
A human dat can't win?

But, am I a cat?
Or a human?
Or neither?
Or both?


She always compared me to him.
"Why can't you be more like your father?"
Well, maybe because I'm NOT him?
I don't WANT to be like him.
He ran out on us.
That's a weakness I couldn't afford.
I'm better than my father.
He gave up. I never did.

I won't, you know. Not ever.
My family needed me.
Now my friends do.
And yet, I think I would be like my father.
I would leave them in an instant
If I had to.
I hate that, but I know it's true.

Do my friends really need me?
I feel like a third wheel a lot.
And he does so well on his own.
She's a lot more capable than I am.
And they stuck together
Before they even knew I existed
And besides...

It was my father's idea
For me to follow these two
And I always told myself
Back when I was alone
With my family
That if he came back
I would never listen to him
I would run my family by myself

But I ran away from them too
Will I run from everyone who needs me?
Did they ever need me?
I don't need them
I know, because I don't feel close to them
Or anyone

And that, that scares me
A lot
And because of that...
I'll keep looking
Forever, until I find
What I need...
Someone who I will never want to run away from
Someone who will need me

Preferably someone
With a cute figure, too!


Nobody thought I could do it
but here I am
nearing the end of my adventures
and I'm gonna win!

Everyone who beat me said
I wouldn't amount to anything
"You need more training," said one,
"Grow up," said another,
"You need empathy," was a third,
and you know?

They were right.

Good thing, too.
Good thing I learnt...
I wasn't always right.

I'm still learning.
It doesn't help when:
Brock treats me like a kid
Misty treats me like an idiot
Team Rocket always show up
and try to ruin my day.
They're getting pretty good at that.

So what?
I'm doing okay

Despite everything

And because of everything

If it weren't for Brock,
I'd lose sight of my real ambitions,
being preoccupied with trivalities
like cooking, and cleaning
and the things he does
to keep things running smoothly
and making us feel more human

If not for Misty,
I would have given up by now
after all, I gotta prove to her
that I'm not a lousy trainer
and I can reach my goals
and I'll show her!
(Is that why she nags me?
To encourage me?

Even Team Rocket,
beating them gives me confidence
And my Pokemon, too
we can tackle anyone.
I'm not afraid any more
not of anything!

(Well, maybe one of Misty's mallets...)

I need all of them
though I'd never admit that
Heh, I'm not turning into a sap just yet.
But sometimes, even if I'm just a kid
I kinda wonder what they're all thinking.

I see Pikachu looking around nervously
when it thinks I'm not paying attention...
Is it just me?
Or has Misty been giving me strange looks recently?
Hasn't Brock been distant lately?
And Team Rocket act almost human at times...

Ehh, I'm just imagining things.
This Pokemon journey is great!
I bet everyone is enjoying it
just as much as I am!

I can't imagine things changing.
I don't want them to.
There's one thing...

I want to win...
I want to be the greatest
A Pokemon Master
But when that happens...
All this will be over.

Can't we just freeze time?


Pikachu sits on Ash's hat, as the three Pokemon trainers walk together along a long road...

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"Oh great, it's Team Rocket," says Ash, irritably.

"Pika," scowls Pikachu.

The normal routine begins again.

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